The Palpa Trust
Working in Palpa Nepal


Volunteer teachers are truly welcome in any of the schools The Palpa Trust supports or in any other school.
Jackie and Ravi, of Ravi Tours, will arrange teaching programmes which can be very flexible. Allowance is made for the fact that Nepali is not a readily spoken language by westerners, but English is one that all Nepali aspire to acquiring, so mostly English is the subject taught in government schools. However physical education classes are readily enjoyed, football and volleyball are the favourite games but other aspects of physical education are also applicable.
Skills in learning the language are easily picked up whilst in the classroom with children, for many of them Nepali is also a foreign language since at home they speak their own Magar language.
Besides the government schools there are also "boarding schools" - these really are only fee paying schools seldom providing boarding facilities. They differ greatly in that all subjects are taught in English so although their need for volunteers is less there still are opportunities to teach in other subjects.
Volunteering is most assuredly a two way experience.

Volunteer package offered by Ravi Tours

Before departure from UK

An interview to discuss teaching experience (if any) teaching standards, materials etc
Advice on what to bring for trekking, medication, vaccination etc
Advice on language learning, what to expect with food and living conditions

In Nepal
Set agenda with school headmaster
Vet accommodation and food requirements with host families

On arrival
Meet at point of entry
Two days sightseeing in Kathmandu
Arrange Kathmandu accommodation on arrival and at departure
Accompany to school

Regular once monthly visits to school. Reviews on behalf of volunteer and school
Volunteer teachers have come from Germany, Switzerland, England and Scotland

Trekking offered, either facilitating or guiding, with existing group or alone at Ravi Tours price

It is recommended to spend  3 months minimum in Nepal i.e. 3-4 week's sightseeing/trekking and 2 months teaching




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