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The Team


The Palpa Trust has five trustees: -

Jackie Taylor - Jackie is fortunate to be the trustee who regularly visits Nepal and does much of the liaison between donors and recipients. She works with a Nepali friend, Ravi Kafle, who runs the lodge house and besides looking after The Palpa Trust during Jackie's absence he also guides the treks sold to Ravi Tours.
Ravi Tours clients always get the opportunity to stay in Palpa and visit all the schools/projects if they wish.

Mike Taylor - Mike runs his own business of tour guiding in Fife, Scotland, but has trekked in Nepal and understands the need for a charity like the The Palpa Trust to help develop and alleviate the needs of the people there.

Ally Troon - Ally's teaching career has taken him from a primary school to Troup House in Aberdeenshire where he teaches children in this specialist, residential school. In 2017 Ally has moved back to teaching in a primary school in Morayshire. This career developed from a time he spent in Palpa teaching on a voluntary basis at Karnadhar school. He is keenly aware of the lack of equipment for teachers endeavouring to fulfil the demands of the school syllabus. He has built and funds a website for that school: - www.shee-

Sophie Butler - Sophie has a very busy and successful hairdressing salon in St Andrews, Fife. Through her generosity and that of her clients Sophie has made huge contributions to this cause. A library at Karnadhar school is dedicated to her as a result of her fund raising efforts.

Dulcie Graham - Dulcie joined the list of Trustees in 2017. She has visited Nepal and Palpa and understands the aims of the Trust very well having seen some of the schools during term time. Dulcie was herself a physical education teacher in a Fife school so can compare the facilities available on both sides of the world.

The Rotary Club of Cupar - Rotarians are well known for their generous fund raising activities. The Palpa Trust has been fortunate to be associated with them and as a result of collaboration with Jackie four water projects have successfully been completed. A Past President of The Rotary Club of Cupar personally travelled with his wife to Nepal and was able to inaugurate one of their sponsored projects. See Image Gallery 

Ravi Kafle - Ravi is local to Palpa and a registered trek guide. He speaks the ethnic Magar language and therefore is valuable when communicating with people living in remote villages and is the one on the ground enabling good decisions over the allocation of funds.

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