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Shree Karnadhar School

The association with schools began in 2001 with a visit to Shree Karnadhar School and a promised view of the Annapurna range of the Himalaya. At this time teachers had the blackboard on the exterior of the building wall for safety since the whole of the roof  structure was falling down due to it being built in local methods of stone and mud.
Since then money has been raised to help replace this building containing nine classrooms, replace worn corrugated iron for the roof and then later creating a concrete roof to totally waterproof the classrooms.
A much needed balustrade has been constructed to safeguard access to upper classrooms, a compound wall now keeps students in and cattle, goats and people out.
During these years funds have been used to help pay teachers' salaries which are inadequately funded by the government.
Western visitors to Palpa have contributed basic educational needs, also school uniforms, sports equipment and even toothpaste.

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Aarkhala School

This very remote village is the location where the first of the drinking water projects (funded by The Rotary Club of Cupar, Fife)  was completed, the Rotarians also provide support for their small school which teaches Classes 1 and 2. This keeps the very young children in the village and saves them from a two hour walk to the nearest school. It is not government funded and therefore relies on the charity and the community  for salary, books, pencils/pens and other teaching materials. 

                        A remote setting                                                             Bubbles are fun

Bescun Dhaara School

Another Lower Secondary School perched on a high ridge offering education to local Magar children. Magar people have their own culture and language and populate much of Palpa district.
The play area for this school was bounded by steep, stony banks, but now has a fence giving protection so that students can safely play their favoured game which is volleyball.
Donated funds have bought an electricity supply and one computer! Also drinking water has been brought to the level of the school by the use of a pump and with additional enterprise and funding from the community eleven houses also can access this supply.

                    New fence for safety

Ecklai Buur School

This school is a community run primary level school catering for poor and usually low caste children. Initially there was no government funding so it was financed by the community, parents and The Palpa Trust. Now with its progress and recognised success there is some government money for three teachers, but with five classes established the need for salaries is still essential.

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Mamara School

Mamara school is again very remote and a Lower Secondary establishment. The Palpa Trust makes a donation to top up salaries for the teachers who come voluntarily from the community to fill the places of teaching staff
not provided for by the government.

                            When school is out .................................................having fun

Rahbas Schools

In two separate Wards of this District two schools are supported by The Palpa Trust. One caters for pre-school children and the other, a bigger school, teaches children from pre-school up to Class 3. This is a very remote area so in addition to the schools the Trust helps the whole community.
Four teachers receive salaries, both schools have a toilet facility, the buildings are improved and in addition their new road which is newly opened is kept open after inevitable landslides.

                                      From this to..........................................this Ward 2

                     Ward 4's small school

Khapuk School

This is another small rural school catering for pre-school children. It has about 17 pupils, one very small classroom which is now plastered inside and out plus a toilet facility. The teacher lives locally and has two children of her own who attend the classes. During monsoon time when the rivers are too big to cross for the older children going to their Primary/ Secondary schools many more cram into this small space! The funding of this enterprise was purely done by the community but now The Palpa Trust is able to help.

                Another remote setting

The Trust is frequently asked to help in some of the many other needy schools, one wants to start  pre-school and Class 1 in their village to prevent young children making a daily journey of 3 to 4 hours to attend the nearest school. Another school has received drinking water on the premises, two years ago this school had no water, it now has catchment tanks plus a drinking water supply. Although this is a huge step forward for them they have other problems relating to their poor quality buildings.
There are very many schools the Trust could help but the funding we have is calculated to maintain the support for the above seven schools, should the Trust be fortunate enough to receive further funding then other schools could become beneficaries.
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